Our Story

Like many great stories, the Curry Bowl journey was born late one night, on a bench and with few extra beers. Two Sri Lankan brothers sitting and contemplating life and what to eat. Though spicy Sri Lankan street food would have been nice, they were in Europe, thousands of miles far from a nice warm “Kotthu”. An idea was born!! and well, the rest is the Curry Bowl story.

Food Restaurants in Zagreb Curry Bowl Owners

With no idea of running restaurants, but with lots of love for eating good food and having great times, the first Curry Bowl Restaurant was opened in late 2015 in the Croatian capital Zagreb!

A modern funky curry house serving amazing flavour intense food in a bright, groovy atmosphere with the most awesome people working there making sure everyone leaves with their stomachs full and their hearts fuller! The Curry Bowl is all about the experience of dining and brining out the good times in people.

Sri Lankan food is known for its unique mouthwatering flavours cooked with aromatic herbs, spices and coconut. With only a few selected dishes on the menu, Curry Bowl focuses on making sure every dish surprises your taste buds in a different way!

Food Restaurants in Zagreb Curry Bowl Team
“Good Food, Great Times”, the Curry Bowl Experience!!

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